DaLinda Estates


Welcome DaLinda Estates neighbors.

The DaLinda Estates swimming pool closes at the end of the day on Labor Day, September 7. Please ensure you have all personal belongings. If you have questions regarding your pool key card please contact the HOA Board at

Reminder: If you have not paid your 2015 HOA dues, you are now LATE.

HOA dues for DaLinda Estate homeowners are $420 annually. You can pay in full by March 1st of each year or split up the payments into two payments due March 1st and July 1st respectively. You should indicate this choice on your March payment information stub. Checks should be made payable to DaLinda Estates HOA and mailed to:         

PO Box 394 Greenwood, MO 64034                      

When your HOA dues are received and credited to your account, your pool key card will be activated for the 2015 season. Resident homeowners are not allowed access to the pool and do not have voting rights unless they are current on their HOA dues and have no compliancy issues. 



If you are interested in serving as an Officer, or would like to volunteer your time on a committee please email

All members in good standing are welcome to serve. 








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